Custom Sports Bags as low as $40 with logo!

The Rango Story

About Us

Rango Sports was born when student athlete Russel Kilkenny and baseball coach Sean Trainor crossed paths at the Northeast Eagles baseball training facility in Clinton, Massachusetts.

Eagles-owner Sean Trainor was struggling to embroider his team logo on a popular “name brand” baseball bag (at $10 bucks a pop just to embroider). He was also visibly burdened with the rising costs of baseball and softball bags (now easily $60-80 a pop) and rising shipping costs.

Russel Kilkenny noticed Sean’s challenges and instantly came up with an idea!!!

He spoke with David Kilkenny (his Dad / owner of Anthem Musical Instruments) about utilizing Anthem’s existing manufacturing relationships to design new bags for Sean. They would simply take Anthem’s musical instrument bags (which have been on the market for over 15 years), change the features and dimensions, and WOOLAH - - - a Rango baseball bag.

Several more baseball/softball bags quickly emerged, that could be customized with team or school colors. Equipment was purchased to custom-embroider or custom-screen-print “at the factory” with personal logos.

No more running around to print your logos on bags!

The Northeast Eagles field tested the first bag order, saving over $3000 in the process. They currently have hundreds of Rango bags in play.
Rango Sports now has bags at colleges, schools, club teams, and even a church…as far away as Africa.

The word is quickly spreading throughout New England that teams can now obtain HIGH QUALITY bags, CUSTOMIZED with their logo and team colors, at very AFFORDABLE prices.

A new venture has arrived…

- Rango Sports

The Rango Mission

Early on, Rango received a backpack order from Hope Chapel, in Sterling Massachusetts. Hope Chapel planned to fill over 100 Walrus-Packs with school supplies and then donate them to local kids in need.

Upon hearing this, we were all happy to provide the bags free of charge! And a new mission formed….

1. We will create a company that focuses on integrity, defined as “doing the right thing even if you don’t win sometimes.”

2. We will enrich the lives of others by creating a team that is amazing to work for, and amazing to work with!

3. We will create fun, stylish bags that kids enjoy utilizing for sports, and in school.

4. We will give back to the local community whenever possible.

- Rango Sports

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